McToyBox Info.

Hey guys – we’re on a NEW server running 1.7.2 in SURVIVAL/VANILLA mode.

The Server IP is or

We also have a NEW Teamspeak server at  Or (see Teamspeak tab for info.)

We will be coming back in full server (no white-list) mode as soon as a Bukkit 1.7 jar is officially released. ‘Til then the server is WHITE-LISTED for many reasons.

IF you are….

  • A trusted longtime player
  • Admin/Op/Mod
  • Or are buddies with any of the above

And are not white-list BUT want to be then PLEASE hit us up at and we’ll get you white-listed ASAP.

IF you are…

  • A New player

At this time we are NOT white-listing new players unless they fall into the “buddies of” category.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail us at